Jumat, 21 Januari 2011

Dinamisasi Kitab Kuning

Oleh Mukti Ali el-Qum

Mencari Model Beragama yang Membebaskan

Mencari Model Beragama yang Membebaskan
Oleh Setyo Hajar Dewantoro

"Dan Kami hendak memberi karunia bagi orang-orang yang tertindas di bumi itu
dan hendak menjadikan mereka pemimpin
dan menjadikan mereka orang-orang yang mewarisi bumi."
(Al Qur’an, 28:5)


With reference to effort trace the this theology transformatif, likely we can behold to cleft of south America continent predominated by the culture Katholik. Over there emerge a model believe in, more precisely model the to have theology, what is looked into newly at one blow assessed by very relevant with the mankind requirement these days which in general twisted a poorness and oppressed. That'S Iiberation Theology. Iiberation Theology can be categorized by transformatif, because he link the ‘ belief’, something that looked into ‘ taking root to sky’, with the human concrete requirement. This theology do not merely inviting human being to theorize about God and august of kindness, but exactly invite the human being plunge the social fact and make the change over there.

Pesantren dalam Adaptasi Budaya Lokal

Oleh Saefullah

Madrasah di Tengah Tantangan Global

Oleh Uki Marzuki